The hotel was exactly as promised. It exceeded our expectations! We are looking forward to enjoy the incomparable savours of local cooking and desserts. We are sure to return.
Michael & Julie [Cambridge]

What an amazing feast! The food was fresh and local and I discovered the fish soup by Olivier - I don’t know what words to use to explain how amazing this soup was!
Arun & Doris [Boston]

To describe the food would be to describe a dream! The road from Bastia could seem a bit long but patience is rewarded with a uniquely fabulous dining experience: home made bouillabaisse! (ordered and reserved before
Chris & Erica, John & Sandy [London]

This hotel was more than what we were expecting! The most amazing thing was the lack of night time noise which made for a very restful vacation. Olivier and Nathalie was very helpful and easy to communicate with. Answered all our questions and gave great suggestions!
Jillian P. [USA]

Very nice! Had everything we needed plus more. Great moment!
Helga A. Canada